Anduril™ Scabbard

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Anduril™ Scabbard

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This authentically detailed scabbard is a reproduction of the prop prominently featured in “The Return of the King” motion picture, presented by New Line Cinema. United® Cutlery Brands, industry leader in fine movie knife and sword reproductions, has meticulously recreated the actual prop scabbard, using the finest grade materials and craftsmanship of the highest quality available. Anduril’s scabbard is 44-5/8″ overall and features genuine leather wrap and straps, solid metal collar, fittings, buckles, plate and tip with an antiqued metal and 24-K gold plated finish. The metal plate on the side of the scabbard is inscribed with the word Andril, meaning “Flame of the West,” in the Tolkien language of Quenya, written in the runes of Eregion and is bordered by the symbols of the sun and moon. King Elessar fastened his sword scabbard to his horse saddle so he could quickly draw the sword out for battle.


UC-1396 LTNB Anduril™ Scabbard
Fits UC1380ASNB Anduril™, UC1380ASLB Limited Edition Anduril™, & UC1267 Narsil™ (all sold separately)
Includes parchment certificate of authenticity.
Scabbard Overall Length: 44-5/8″
Scabbard Material: Genuine leather wrap and straps, solid metal collar, fittings, buckles, and tip with an antique metal and 24-K gold plated finish finish.


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