Game of Thrones Targaryen Ring

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Game of Thrones Targaryen Ring

Product Information

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  • Handsome Game of Thrones Targaryen ring!
  • Stainless steel ring featuring the Targaryen family sigil.
  • Finely crafted artisan design.


Adorn your finger with this Game of Thrones ring and pledge your allegiance to House Targaryen Sigil of the Seven Kingdoms. The skillful etching and carefully inlaid black detailing of the 3-headed dragon emblem (House Targaryen’s sigil) pays homage to medieval craftsmanship. This handsome ring is made of stainless steel, is available in size 7 and 10.


Size 7: Inside diameter 17.3 mm (N 1/2)

Size 10: Inside diameter 19.8 mm (T 1/2)


Officially licensed product.