1/6 Uruk-Hai

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1/6 Uruk-Hai

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From Peter Jackson’s “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, here’s an excellent vinyl model kit of one of those grubby and grumpy warriors Saruman created to do his bidding, the Uruk-Hai! Said to be a mix of Human and Orc (and of course a dash of evil magic!), the Uruk-Hai had tremendous strength, stamina, and ruthlessness, and could operate in daylight, unlike their smaller and weaker Orc cousins.

In a battle pose with crudely cast sword held high, this unassembled and unpainted vinyl kit from Star Toys of Germany perfectly captures the unbridled fury and raw aggression of an Uruk-Hai attack. The integral base features a nameplate with a cool Middle-Earthian font. Parts are ready to assemble; no trimming is required.trimming is required.